Subscriptions – Regular Fresh Produce Box

$45.00 $37.50 every 2 weeks

Healthy eating delivered to your front door.  Get an assortment of fresh fruit and vegetables. Even better than the home delivery is that our medium box is ~$65 worth of produce if you bought it at a grocery store. More Value, Convenient and Safer



The box that started it all, the regular produce box. In this box comes a wonderful assortment of delicious and seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables. Ideally suited to households with 3-4 people.

A regular box will easily feed 3-4 people for a week or so. A variety of at least 1 green, 4 to 6 veggies, and 4 to 6 fruits will be in the box

The boxes will vary from week to week based on produce availability. See below for this week Box


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