Support St. Louis

At St. Louis Produce Box, we are committed to helping the community eat healthier and be healthier. One way we can help with that is to help organizations raise money. People buy healthy foods and your organization raises revenue. You promote St. Louis Produce Box to your members and friends and we take care of the rest.

You can raise money and help people eat healthier

The program is simple, sign up using the form below, we create a custom code for your group members to use during checkout and at the end of the month your organization will receive 2% of the total transactions. Simple and Easy!

2% of all sales go directly to your Organization

We will generate a custom code for your organization that you can share and promote to your group for a fundraiser. Your customer can continue to use the code for all orders that are made week over week for their produce purchases.

Perfect for Schools, Charities, Church Groups, Youth Groups, Youth Sports Teams or any other non-profit.

Fill out the form below and we will contact you to setup the details for the organization.