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So You Got a Bad Apple?

Not just an apple, but any produce that we send you that’s past ripe or a little questionable, we apologize. Let us explain how this happens.

While we definitely want to provide quality produce, since it’s all fresh, it’s hard to guarantee every single item is perfect. The more detailed we are at inspecting, the more times we have to touch your produce, and although we are a sanitary facility, we’d assume that the fewer hands on your produce the better. Part of what makes us different from other produce delivery services is the reduced amount of human contact your produce has in our facility, because each box is generally only packed by a handful of people (all of which are trained on how to do so in a sanitary way).

So yes, we let one slip past us, but as a conscious effort to minimize human contact with your produce.

Did you know that 40% of produce grown is never sold and is thrown out because it isn’t “store presentable?” Our goal is to waste as little as possible while still sending you produce that is safe and full of nutrients. At St. Louis Produce Box, we operate with less than 10% waste.

We want to make it up to you. As a token of our gratitude for your patience and cooperation as we try to find the happy medium of inspection versus chance of an overripe item, if you ever find a rotten or overripe item, contact us and we will add a replacement item to your next order. 

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